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Brand new to ASE! Want to get an idea of what it’s all about? ASE, known for the quality of its guidelines and being the largest cardiovascular ultrasound organization in the world, has created a new portal for people interested in the field. Become a better Clinician/Sonographer with the ASE Digital Subscription - a gateway into ASE's experts, content, and community!

As an ASE Digital
Subscriber, you can take advantage of a unique digital experience for $99 USD. This annual subscription gives you access to:
  • All ASE Guidelines - get real time access
  • ASE Guideline Webinars
  • Ten free CME activities through the ASE Learning Hub
  • Access to the 2019 Scientific Sessions Library
  • Access to the Open Forum Community on Connect@ASE
  • Access to the online CASE Journal
  • A subscription to Echo Headlines e-newsletter
  • Early notifications on ASE Courses, Guidelines, News, etc.
To subscribe, please complete this application. Once your application is reviewed by ASE staff to confirm your eligibility, you will receive an email with a link to submit the subscription fee of $99.00 USD. All subscriptions expire on December 31st of the paid year.  If you subscribe after September 1st, your subscription will be valid through December 31st of the next year.

ASE Digital Subscriptions are not available to anyone who has been an ASE member in the past. Due to the nature of this subscription, you are only eligible to be an ASE Digital Subscriber one time for a maximum of two (2) years.

Disclaimer: ASE Digital Subscribers are not members of the American Society of Echocardiography and will not have voting rights and other benefits that are exclusively available to ASE members.


ASE Digital Subscriber

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